Video production

We have the experience and the resources to design and produce video and motion graphics to suit all budgets.
On-line video will account for over a third of all on-line advertising spends within the next five years with 52% of consumers confirming that visual content promotes confidence when making on-line purchase decisions.
Provide a brief and ask about cost. You’ll be surprised how much you can get for so little.
Videos are bringing even the youngest of business & brands to life. They are making products or services more easily explained to the end user and increasing raising visibility in search engines.

Every business owners should consider creating videos for their marketing strategy. Producing videos can be quite easy and cost-effective, and with the use of smart phones even free. Here are five ways to use videos to engage those potential customers.

Video demonstrations or tutorials

Use video to vividly demonstrate products or services to your client base. You can also use video as an exciting way to introduce a new product, services, or special promotion. We can help you produce these take a look here...

Video testimonials and reviews

Share reviews than by encouraging and promoting video reviews submitted by your most satisfied customers? This is a way to truly build your brand’s reputation and authenticity.

Videos for contests

Contests are a fun and proven marketing tool that can promote your business. Try introducing a contest via video to further build excitement. Another popular option is to hold a contest using video submissions, which will increase engagement with your brand.

Commercials / Infomercials

Give our pals at commercials unlimited a call - They endeavour to provide genuine value for money by compiling open budgets, which highlight the deals they can negotiate with crews, cast and facilities.

If the production budget is pre-determined they will design our approach to get the very most out of what is available with the same straightforward transparency. Preliminary budget assessments are FREE and are treated as working documents.

Video Introductions or office tour

Use video to give a face and name to your business. This strategy is particularly important if you want to create an empathic relationship with your potential customers.

So are you using video to promote your business? Give your customers the opportunity to engage with your brand through videos, you never know - it could go viral!